Furniture from recycled refrigerators

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This project is made by the dutch artist Dirk Vander Kooij .

It has been wired to produce furniture out of bits of melted down recycled pieces of refrigerator.

What an amazing project!

Right now, the machine  can not only make chairs or dining room tables, it can also creat rocking chairs, tables and children’s furniture.

Vander Kooij describes the graduation project:

“My graduation project was inspired by a shape that was made using an old 3D printer. This principle is 30 years old, but the older machines were not very accurate. By carefully examining that process, one could identify how the shape was being formed: a very thin thread was meticulously moved to and fro, building up the shape very efficiently and without waste. The idea occurred instantly: “I’m going to build a machine specialized in making furniture”. Thick threads of plastic that create a honest ornament by clearly showing how the chair is fabricated… Endless.”

Watch the video, it’s amazing:



[Co.Design] Images:Dirk Vander Kooij

Source Beth Carter editor for SmartPlanet

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