Interesting materials

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Here are some interesting material that I found when I went to DDC Copenhagen.


This conductive textile is made from knitting very thin metal wires to form a three-layered knitted that creates switch and resistive yarns for pressure sensors.

It was introduced into interection design fields but mostly limited to display and exhibitions


Made from an agglomerate of rubber foam and polyurethane glue with materials derived from industrial off-cuts and other selected derived from materials, Eco-C1 has excellent sound absorption sound proofing and thermal insulation features. It is resistant to parasites, weather and ozone.


It may look and feel like any other soft fabric but this textile is actually made using ceramic yarn that provide heat resistance to keep the wearer cool whilst also offering protection from harmful UV rays.

Ceramics is well-known for its incradible resistance to heat and has the ability to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius.



These fabrics, including the Circulation Rug, represent some of the most interesting, playful and innovative textiles available today.




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