The watch that can save your grand-parents life.

The problem
The most commune accidents for the elderly is falls and heart attacks

The solution
SaveWatch is a product for elderly healthcare.
This watch is designed to appeal the elderly by it’s neutral design. It have a double functionality; being a device for emergency call but also a watch with an elegant design for everyday life. SaveWatch is user friendly and discrete.


This bracelet have 3 different functions.

1: The emergency button
If the elderly can’t reach the phone after falling on the ground, the bracelet SaveWatch allowed him to press the emergency button.

After pressing the button, a voice message is send to the family members. All phone numbers associated to the bearer are called simultaneously and asked the family members to press 1 if they can check up on the elderly or press 2 if they can’t. If the first on the contact list is available, he will receive a sms with a link to location of the elderly. If the first contact can’t check up on the elderly, all the other contacts will receive a sms with the name of the contact who is checking up on the elderly. If none of the contact are responding to the call, a message will be send to the hospital.

2: The cancel feature
If the elderly press the button by accident, he will be notify that he is sending a call ( vibration and sound alarm) and can cancel the call by turning the ring on the watch.

3: The pulse sensor

In case of heart attack, the person wouldn’t rich the emergency button so the bracelet is endow with a pulse sensor. The pulse sensor will detect when the heartbeat get low and send immediately a call to the hospital and the family members. Here are the pictures of development of SaveWatch during the week-end:

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