Winter collection of Christmas decoration design for the company DNDC.

I had the pleasure to design a line of Christmas decoration for DNDC. The product are laser cut .The pure geometry of the Scandinavian decoration give a delightful form to the season. Simple design expresses more with fewer lines. See the collection here: DNDC winter collection

To know more about the process see the interview of Elodie Lepaludier by DNDC

  1. What was your inspiration for the designs in ‘Winter? Can you maybe share a bit of your process (sketches, or other material)

I choose to work on symbols that to me most strongly symbolizes a christmas winter. The christmas tree is the place where the family gathers. The star was always a mystical and magical symbol on top of the tree. The snowflake represent the dream of a white christmas that most children – and grown ups – share.

As all my designs it starts with pen and paper. When I have an idea I like, I try to refine it handmade mockups or prototypes. At some point I will have image in my head of what the final product should look like. I then finalize the design in 2D and 3D software.

  1. Can you share a favorite winter memory with us?

One strongest winter memories is from a snowy day in my home town in Bretagne. The warm climate of this region make the snow a very rare thing. So a white christmas is even more special. I remember running around in the family garden catching the giant snowflakes on my tongue.

  1. You are from France but have lived in Denmark for a long time, two different worlds when it comes to design. Can you tell us how this has influenced you as a designer, and maybe what are the best traits of each style?

French design has a certain casual elegance. It is known for its sophistication as well as its light-hearted approach. Although French design can be very detailed and ornate, the overall look is uncluttered.

I enjoy the minimalism of Danish design that allowed the product to be time less. Functionality is also an interesting trait of Danish design that is well integrated with the design of the products.

I think that living in Denmark has made me focus more on clarity in the products. A focus on removing unessential parts while not compromising on functionality.

  1. Do you have any advice for other young designers who would also like to design products for an international audience?

Travel the world! Go and live in other countries. Living in another country is a great way to learn about other cultures. By learning from the cultural differences you learn about your own culture.

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